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Town News

Passing Along Upcoming Events for Frenchboro:

Saturday October 27th-  Frenchboro School will be participating in a
Cross Country meet at Swans Island.  The three schools will include
Frenchboro, Ashley Bryan School (Islesford) & Swans.  The sunbeam will
be providing transportation for anyone that wishes to attend.  We will
be leaving at 9:30 am from the Frenchboro Ferry Terminal.

Monday October 29th-  Frenchboro School is hosting a Community Game
Night especially for our “Mature Friends”  The game night will include
Cribbage, Wii, & More.  Starting at 6pm- 7pm

Tuesday October 30-  The community Potluck planned by the SeaCoast
Mission and Island Institute is being postponed due to the storm.  The
dinner will be rescheduled in November.  When the date is decided
there will be a poster up at the community building and also another

Wed October 31-  Halloween  The Frenchboro School is having a party
from 2- 2:45.  Please contact Miss M. with more details.
Some members of the community are discussing an outdoor event for that
evening- Contact Katie for details
(back up plan with the storm coming may come later)

Wed. October 31-   Gott’s Trash Truck Scheduled

Nov. 5th- Community Service Projects by the School kids.  If you have
an idea or suggestion feel free to contact Miss M. or Mrs. Becky at
school.  Thanks!

Nov. 6th-  Election Day  ***Thank You Duncan Bond for all you are
doing for the local elections to take place***

Nov 7th-  Frenchboro Cross Country Team Awards Banquet at the School at 4pm

Nov 8th-  Community Dinner Hosted by Frenchboro School Lego Robotics Team
All Community Members are invited to join us at 5pm at the Frenchboro School
Menu:  Pot Roast & Veggies   and   Lasagna, Salad & Corn Bread   & Desserts

Nov. 12th- Select Board & Assessor Meeting

Nov. 29th- Frenchboro School Lego Robotics Community Presentation &
Practice Run at the School at 4:30 pm

If there are any changes or additions, I will pass those along when I
get them.  Also, please check the community building for any
additional notices.

Many Hands Make Lighter Work-  So thanks to everyone for all you do to
keep our community going strong.