Parker Appraisal – Bob Gingras

Bob Gingras of Parker Appraisal will be out on Frenchboro September 7, 2016 Wednesday round trip ferry. He will be available for questions from 12:30-2:30. Please email Sarah Brake if you would like to have an appointment with Mr. Gingras.

2016 Town of Frenchboro Job Descriptions

May 2, 2016Administrative Assistant to Town Officials Excise Tax Collector MAINTENANCE COORDINATOR Selectboard Assistant Tax Collector Treasurer

Hello Frenchboro Community,

This past December 2015 Rachel Bishop notified the Selectboard of her intent to resign from Treasurer, Tax Collector and Excise Tax Collector as of June 30, 2016. Rachel has always said when her house sells she is retiring and her house sold in September 2015.

Rachel’s resignation creates very large spaces to be filled. Her knowledge of the town’s affairs are unsurpassable and her presence will be greatly missed. Thankfully she has agreed to stay as an advisor/trainer for one year to her new successor(s). The Selectboard has had many conversations over Rachel’s resignation without her vast knowledge and directions we feel that the Town of Frenchboro would greatly benefit from an outside source to give direction and guidance to the Town of Frenchboro officials. This past year was a trial to see how the town officials could function without the role of a Town Administrator and so far we have been successful with Rachel’s support. The projects and workload have been enormous but we have managed. The Selectboard will be opening a position similar to the previous position with the new position being called the Administrator Assistant to Town Officials. The Selectboard realizes that many tax payers were concerned about the town budget. The Selectboard would like the tax payers to realize that we were able to save $4,000 from 2015 budget and will decrease the selectboard assistant position by $2,000 leaving the 2016 budget to raise $6,000 for this position.


The following positions are open till June 2, 2016. A full description of each position is available on the Town of Frenchboro website, and have been posted on the Town’s bulletin board at the town hall.

Administrative Assistant to Town officials (Pending June 23 budget, $12,000 per year) PASSED *** THIS POSITION IS STILL VACANT, PLEASE CONTACT THE SELECT BOARD AT with your interests, Thank you 7/29/16

Selectboard Assistant (Currently $6,000 year, pending June 23 budget approval for Administrative Assistant to Town Officials this position will be decreased to $4,000 year) PASSED

Treasurer – $2,000 per year

Tax Collector & Excise Tax Collector – $2,000 per year

Maintenance Position (Currently $1,800 per year / $10hr, pending 2016 budget it will be raised to $3,900 year/$15hr)PASSED

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